We are committed to a policy of 'minimum waste and maximum utilisation'. The by-products of the factory are up-cycled in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.


As a green-listed industry, we have no air or water pollution in our production process and are working towards becoming a zero-waste factory. We acheive this by working with our suppliers to  use innovative materials that can either be upcycled, recycled or reused within the factory for alternative purposes.

Workers are provided with a safe workplace and maternity benefits. They are given personal protective equipment and are trained in fire safety & medical first aid.


Situated in Chennai, South India, Affan Shoes is located 14 Kms from the sea port and 20 kms from the airport, well positioned to cater to the export market. 

The Factory is spread over two units- an upper unit with 5 lines making 1000 pairs a day and a full shoe unit with a mackay line producing 300 pairs a day and a good year line with a capacity of 100 pairs a day.

We encourage a congenial work atmosphere to learn from each other, communicate effectively and respect everyone. We believe this not only fosters healthy work ethic but also helps us in coming closer to inculcating the importance of quality to every worker and in everything that we do.

Affan Shoes Private Limited, Chennai

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