In 1986, Hasan Tanning company started as a one line upper production unit in an old garment factory in Madras city making uppers for renown European brands. Within five years the business required a new modern facility and moved to the outskirts of the city to an expansive location with a purpose built shoe factory.


For the next decade under the careful tutelage of the founder, Affan shoes was built into a premium-quality upper maker reputed to have an eye for detail and precision. 


In 2002 it opened its first full shoe line exporting shoes to the UK for the next five years. 


In 2008 Affan Shoes opened another factory within the same premises to accommodate the growing needs of the business. Today the factory has 5 upper lines producing 1000 uppers a day and two full shoe lines crafting 500 pairs of full shoes in a variety of construction types ranging from stuck-on to good year welted.  

Today it prides itself on the same ideals that it held on the first day - To make premium quality shoes by paying attention to the smallest of details, keeping our customers satisfied and making shoes we will be proud to wear.



Mr. Hasan founded the company on the simple philosophy that if we take care of our customers, our employees and our suppliers, we will be taken care of by the Almighty.

Quality has been his passion from the beginning and he believes that to achieve very high standards, one has to be involved in the shoe making process on a daily basis. 

Affan Shoes Private Limited, Chennai

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